Function Generator, Arbitrary Waveform Generator, Pulse Generator, Arbitrary Function Generator is a site providing technical information for Aim-TTi function and arbitrary generators

Generator Product Groups

Function Generator ranges

Analog function generators including sweep/function generators. DDS based function generators with sweep and digital modulation, bus programmable via GPIB, RS232, USB and LAN.

Arbitrary/Function Generators

DDS based function generators with arbitrary waveform capability.

Arbitrary Waveform Generator ranges

True arbitrary generators (ARBs) with a universal architecture using variable clock techniques for arbitrary waveform generation and DDS for standard function generator waveforms.

Pulse Generator products

Dedicated pulse generators.

RF Signal Generators

Synthesized signal generators for RF applications.

Aim-TTi and Waveform Generator products

Aim-TTi has been manufacturing waveform generator products since 1979, starting with analog function generators and, as digital techniques became available, expanding into DDS function generators, arbitrary/function generators, and true arbitrary waveform generators.

A dedicated pulse generator is also offered.

Aim-TTi is now the leading manufacturer of waveform generators within Europe. Our products are available throughout the world.

The full Aim-TTi product range:

includes laboratory power supplies, precision measurement instruments, and RF & EMC test equipment.

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Technical  information available on this site:

Digital & Analogue Function Generator Comparison

An explanation of Arbitrary Generator technologies

Download Waveform Generator catalog pages (PDF)

Arbitrary Waveform Software


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